About Monessen

Starting in 1993 as a regional manufacturer of vent free logs, Monessen Hearth Systems Co. has grown to become a leading full line supplier of hearth products to the Hearth, Propane and Residential New Construction Markets. Monessen Hearth offers a complete lineup of Direct Vent, B Vent, Vent Free and Wood Burning products. These products include log sets, fireplaces, inserts and stoves.

In order to provide this diverse product lineup, Monessen has added 150,000 square feet to its Paris Kentucky manufacturing facility to bring the total warehousing and manufacturing space up to 280,000 square feet. Monessen's annual production capacity will exceed 150,000 fireplaces and 160,000 log sets.

Monessen brand products are known throughout the industry for their reliability and aesthetics. Monessen burns and leak tests 100% of all products to ensure trouble free operation. With the addition of their new state-of the-art facility, Monessen Hearth Systems Co. and its 350 employees are committed to providing its customers with unparalleled customer service, competitive delivery times and outstanding product quality.

Monessen is an environmentally conscience company. Monessen's manufacturing facilites adhere to strict environmental guidlines for cleanliness and waste management. Monessen also strive to make its products as energy efficient as possible thus helping the planet and saving you money.

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