Why choose Monessen?

We have the products you’re looking for - Whether you want a gas fireplace, stove or insert – Monessen has a broad product selection to ensure that what you want is what you get. Our product selection, options and accessories are second to none.

Monessen offers leading edge technology - From burners to BTUs, Monessen has built leading edge technology into each of It's gas products to provide you with the very best in comfort, convenience and ambience. With exceptional flame patterns, heating options, easy remote control features, Monessen offers you a new take on hearth technology.

Monessen cares about the environment outside your home too - with green thinking into every Monessen product. Based on the requirements of the following standards associations: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Standards and Guidelines, EPA, and Energy Star Indoor Air Package, each Monessen product offers an environmentally conscious solution to your heating and décor requirements.

We can save you money and energy - Monessen products are green in more ways than one. They have engineered  products to save you energy and consequently some of your own “green” - money. By adding a Monessen product to the room(s) where you spend the most time, you can save money during the winter months by zone heating - turning down your home’s thermostat and heating only the room(s) you use most with your stove, fireplace, insert or gas logs.

Ensuring that we make environmentally conscious decisions is often a key factor when selecting the products and services we choose to buy and use. At Monessen, we’ve built green thinking into the products we manufacture without compromising our outstanding design or leading-edge technology.

In the hearth industry, there are four “green” agencies that each have certain high standards for efficiency and the impact the product has on the environment at large. Depending on the product, it may also qualify for “green points” when being considered as part of a “green” or “LEED” certified building.

These agencies are as follows and Monessen products fall into the following categories with them:

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Standard and Guidelines

All Monessen direct vent products (8 points) 
All Monessen EPA Approved wood inserts and fireplaces (6 points)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

All Monessen direct vent millivolt control products (1 point)
All Monessen direct vent electronic ignition control product (2 points)
All Monessen EPA Approved wood inserts and fireplaces (1 point)
All Monessen EPA Approved wood inserts and fireplaces ( 2 points)         

Energy Star Indoor Air Package

All Monessen direct vent products  

Monessen Fireplaces stand the test of time - From their steel firebox construction to variety of brass, pewter and painted trims and accessories, from ceramic fiber and cement logs to beautiful wood cabinets – each Monessen hearth product is crafted with durable, high quality materials and finishes to ensure longevity and enjoyment for years to come.

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